Advanced  Vision Solutions for Automated Driving 

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Empowering Safer Autonomous Driving in Adverse Weather:

At Revision Autonomy, we're driving the future of autonomous vehicles with cutting-edge computer vision solutions. Our passion lies in revolutionizing the automotive ADAS market by collaborating with Tier 1 ADAS suppliers and OEM producers. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Autonomous Driving, particularly in the face of challenging weather conditions, including snowy and adverse environments. 



At Revision Autonomy, our mission is clear and unwavering: To enable safe driving in adverse weather conditions. We are driven by the vision of a future where Autonomous Vehicles can navigate confidently and securely, regardless of the weather challenges they encounter.


We create software capable of guiding both autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles during inclement weather. We have developed IP and systems capable of such feats.

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Western Michigan University

Energy Efficient and Autonomous Vehicles (EEAV) Lab


National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) 

 Research Applications Laboratory (RAL)