About Us

Revision Autonomy is leading the development of advanced computer vision algorithms to bring more capability to existing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Our cutting-edge technology allows any vehicle using camera and GPS sensors to perceive and understand the surrounding environment, no matter the weather condition.


Revision Autonomy is a startup software company founded in 2020. We are working to service the automotive ADAS market, specifically Tier 1 ADAS suppliers and OEM producers.

We provide a unique market perspective, given our software focuses on safety in snowy and adverse weather. 

Statement of Purpose

Mission: To enable safe driving in adverse weather conditions

Method: Establish high quality perception of the driving environment using embedded software that works with camera and GPS sensors.

Dr. Asher - Business and Technology Director

Dr.  Rojas - Software Engineering Lead

Meet the Team

Team Members

Zachary D. Asher, PhD - Business & Technology Director

Johan Fanas Rojas, PhD - Software and Engineering Lead

Bryan HagenbarthBusiness Development and Supply Chain

Sherif Ayantayo - Software and Engineering

WMU Research Team: Parth Kadav, Anika Tabassum, and Kari Haab (industrial mentor)