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Technical Papers

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Tire Track Identification: A Method for Drivable Region Detection in Conditions of Snow-Occluded Lane Lines, Nick Goberville, Parth Kadav, Zachary Asher, 2022 SAE World Congress Experience
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Vehicle Lateral Offset Estimation Using Infrastructure Information for Reduced Compute Load, S Sharma, JF Rojas, AR Ekti, CR Wang, Z Asher, R Meyer, SAE Technical Paper
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Quantitative Resilience Assessment of GPS, IMU, and LiDAR Sensor Fusion for Vehicle Localization Using Resilience Engineering Theory, Johan Fanas Rojas, Parth Kadav, Nicolas Brown, Rick Meyer, Thomas Bradley, Zachary D. Asher, 2023 SAE World Congress
1.5 MB
Road Snow Coverage Estimation Using Camera and Weather Infrastructure Sensor Inputs, Parth Kadav, Nicholas A Goberville, Kyle Prins, Amanda Siems-Anderson, Curtis Walker, Farhang Motallebiaraghi, Kyle Carow, Johan Fanas Rojas, Guan Yue Hong and Zachary Asher, 2023 SAE World Congress Experience
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Projecting Lane Lines from Proxy High-Definition Maps for Automated Vehicle Perception in Road Occlusion Scenarios, Kyle Carow, Parth Kadav, Pritesh Patil, Johan F. Rojas, and Zachary Asher, 2023 SAE World Congress Experience
1.7 MB
Tire Track Identification: Application of U-Net Deep Learning Model for Drivable Region Detection in Snow Occluded Conditions, Parth Kadav, Nicholas Goberville, Farhang Motallebiaraghi, Alvis Fong, and Zachary D. Asher, Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress
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Development and Evaluation of Chip-Enabled Raised Pavement Markers for Lane Line Detection, Sachin Sharma, Richard T. Meyer, Ali Riza Ekti, Johan F. Rojas, Nicolas E. Brown, Zachary D. Asher, David Pesin, Chieh (Ross) Wang, Shean Huff and Tim J. Laclair, IEEE Sensors
1.7 MB
Snow Coverage Estimation Using Camera Data for Automated Driving Applications, Nicholas A. Goberville, Kyle R. Prins, Parth Kadav, Curtis L. Walker, Amanda R. Siems-Anderson, Zachary D. Asher, Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives
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